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Our hybrid servers offer you the exclusive customizations, high performance and scalability you need as your business grows

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Own hybrid servers with dedicated resources optimized for your requirements

  • Dedicated Resources
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Servers in London

Hybrid Servers Features

Hosting environment based on hybrid servers where we take care of everything, leaving you to focus on your business. You choose the resources you require, and we put our management expertise on top.

Servers in London

Dedicated instance

Unlike typical hosting, our hybrid servers are dedicated just to you; you cannot be affected by other sites or other users sharing your hardware.

Servers in London

1Gbit+ network

Each server has a 1gbit/s network connection for blazing fast upload and download speeds without any hiccups on speed

Servers in London

Scale up and down

The benefit of hybrid servers means that your hosting environment is elastic. We can increase and decrease resources on request

Servers in London

Operate Multiple Websites

Having your own hybrid servers means you can run multiple websites easily. You'll experience hosting performance with connection and speed

Servers in London Servers in London

Questions & Answers

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We’d highly recommend using a hybrid servers, especially if you don’t have the technical skills to run a website. It might cost a little extra, but it certainly takes the stress out of site management.

SSH access is provided by default in hybrid servers plans

Industry standard, cPanel. Alongside this state-of-the-art interface, you’ll also get access to Softaculous for auto-installations

Backups are available for free with our web hosting packages. The backups enabled for a free upto cpanel datasize of 25GB. The backups service offers 1 backup copies (Backup taken on 25th of each month) of your account which you can restore at any time by adding a ticket to Technical Support.

Once you have purchased your hosting package, you will be able to create unlimited number of email accounts for your domain name(s). The email accounts can be created and managed from your cPanel > Mail > Email Accounts.

Node.js & Python are available on hybrid server plans

Root Access is not included on hybrid servers plans.