Cancellation & Termination

We understand that circumstances may arise that necessitate the cancellation of hosting services. We aim to provide a transparent and straightforward cancellation policy to ensure a smooth process for our valued users.

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Cancellation & Termination Policy

Cancellation and Termination Policy outlines the procedures and conditions related to the cancellation and termination of hosting accounts

Violation of Terms of Service:

In the event of a violation of our Terms of Service during the subscription period, your hosting account may be immediately suspended and terminated upon notification of the violation.


Failure to renew your hosting account on the due date will lead to suspension on the same day. Termination will occur within [5 days] from the service due date.

Customer-Initiated Cancellation:

If you decide to discontinue our services at any point during your subscription, you may initiate a cancellation request. Your hosting account will be suspended promptly, and termination will be completed within [6 hours] from the receipt of the cancellation request.

Refund Policy:

Refunds, if applicable, are subject to the terms outlined in our Refund Policy. Refer to that policy for details regarding eligibility, procedures, and timelines for refunds.

Termination Process:

Upon termination, hosting services will cease, and any associated data may be wiped out. Users are responsible for backing up any essential data before initiating the cancellation process.

By subscribing to our hosting services, acknowledge and agree to comply with this Cancellation and Termination Policy. We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring a smooth experience for all our users.